Admiral Operations Limited and Admiral Offshore Limited

June 2018

Since its formation in 2010, Specialised Vessel Services Ltd has developed a reputation for service excellence in the provision of vessel ownership, operation and management in support of the offshore oil and gas exploration, production and service support sectors.

Initial growth in East Africa quickly led to expansion further afield and particularly into West Africa where the Company continued to set benchmark standards for vessel reliability, safety management and technical performance alongside both partners and clients alike.

One result of this ongoing growth and a shift in the geographic centre of our operations has been a restructuring of the SVS Group of Companies.  This restructuring will see the ownership and operation of the Damen 3307 Fleet based predominantly in West Africa (SVS Avery, SVS Guardsman, SVS Hawkins, SVS Monck & SVS Teach) pass to Admiral Operations Limited.

Technical, operational and day-to-day management of the fleet will be delivered by Admiral Offshore Limited; this will enable Admiral Offshore Limited to give its full focus to a core element of our business in this key region.

Our customers will see little visible change. We will be operating the same vessels and our experienced team of specialists will continue to deal with all commercial and technical matters. 

Detailed instructions have already been sent to current charterers to ensure a seamless transfer to Admiral Operations Limited for Charter Party Agreements and any related legal matters.

For those companies that we have worked with historically, any new work will be managed by Admiral Offshore Limited for and on behalf of Admiral Operations Limited.

Our administration team is on hand to answer any queries and to support and assist with any administrative or commercial matters.

For Suppliers

The SVS Group has developed strong relationships with a large number of partners and suppliers in many countries around the World, in Africa and the Middle East in particular.Both Admiral Operations Limited and Admiral Offshore Limited will continue to utilise existing suppliers and seek to further grow their network of trading partners. In order to meet KYC and other statutory requirements, both companies will be contracting with existing suppliers under new service or supply agreements as appropriate.

As a Group that has always adhered to the highest standards of ethics and compliance, coupled with the strict rules which govern the operations of any operating entity, we are taking this opportunity to conduct a 100% programme of due diligence on all current and potential suppliers.

We will shortly be sending Supplier Approval questionnaires to all of our existing suppliers, and we ask that they are completed in as much detail and in as short a time as is practicable.

This is an exciting time for the company.  These changes, driven by expansion, will allow Admiral Operations Limited and Admiral Offshore Limited to bring continued growth to our business.

We are looking forward to operating within our new corporate structure and we invite all of our partners, customers and suppliers to join us in the delivery of that growth.

Tudor Ellis

Chief Executive Officer
Admiral Offshore Limited

1st July 2018.


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Admiral Offshore operates 5 x Damen 3307 FCS Vessels.

We have a variety of charter and operating arrangements in place and have the flexibility to deliver a range of solutions in order to meet client needs. We provide support to a variety of market sectors.

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