Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality

Internationally recognised standards across the fleet, industry and region of operations

Admiral Offshore works to create a sustainable safety culture that meets internationally recognised standards across the fleet, industry and region of operations.

Admiral Offshore recognises that building a ‘best in class’ operation requires a committed and inclusive approach to HSSEQ. Protecting our personnel, vessels and clients throughout their full scope of operations is paramount in the way that we conduct our business.  Admiral Offshore has an attitude of transparency and continual improvement which will complement our clients’ own HSSEQ culture.

Safety Awareness and Risk Reduction is a fundamental part of our way of operating. Admiral Offshore adheres to a strict vessel audit schedule and all vessels are routinely audited under the IMCA CMID system of vessel assurance.

Flag State and Class regulations are monitored closely by our Designated Person Ashore who works in tandem with the HSSEQ department to ensure the highest possible standards are maintained.

At Admiral Offshore, safety is the responsibility of every individual working together as part of a team. Our SMS has been reviewed and office practices audited by BV Class and we have a Document of Compliance from BV.

What does Admiral Offshore expect from its Officers, Crew and Shore Team?

Company HSSEQ Initiatives

Admiral Offshore run a program of safety initiatives designed to promote HSSEQ awareness. Every quarter, the Senior Management Team reviews safety performance and, subsequent to findings, ensures that HSSEQ awareness campaigns are targeted to deliver tangible benefits.

Our HSSEQ team works closely with our DPA and Operations department to conduct inspections on vessels and to assist the Senior Management Team and Board in ensuring continued support for safety awareness and safety in operations.

Client Delivery

What can our clients expect when chartering with Admiral Offshore?

Our Fleet of Vessels

Admiral Offshore operates 5 x Damen 3307 FCS Vessels.

We have a variety of charter and operating arrangements in place and have the flexibility to deliver a range of solutions in order to meet client needs. We provide support to a variety of market sectors.

SVS Avery

Fast Support Intervention

SVS Guardsman

Fast Crew Supply

SVS Hawkins

Fast Support Intervention

SVS Monck

Fast Support Intervention

SVS Teach

Fast Support Intervention


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