The Role of Security Vessel SVS Hawkins in Ivory Coast

September 2023

In the bustling maritime industry off the coast of Ivory Coast, security vessels play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and uninterrupted operations of larger client vessels engaged in various projects.Acting as the ‘chase’ vessel on this four-week long project, SVS Hawkins was tasked with intercepting any potential threats that posed potential danger or delay to the task.

Equipped with navigation systems and a skilled crew, the chase vessel is strategically positioned to detect, deter, and, if necessary, intercept any potential threats. SVS Hawkins was ready to respond swiftly to emergency situations, maintaining a proactive stance to ensure the security of the larger client vessel.

This project was successfully completed by SVS Hawkins with no delay to operations throughout the entire task, a credit to the crew on board.

The vessel will now return to Lome to prepare for her next charter.

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